Bootstrap Range Slider

Range slider is great way to take input selection easy way.

Check out Documentation github

Basic example with custom formatter and colored selected region via CSS.

Range selector, options specified via data attribute.

Filter by price interval: € 10 € 1000
Sliders can be enabled and disabled.

Using events to work with the values and style the selection and handles via CSS.




Vertical slider with reversed values (largest to smallest).

Unusual tooltip positions

Destroy instance of slider by calling destroy() method on slider instance via JavaScript.

Able to bind to 'slide' JQuery event on slider, which is triggered whenever the slider is used.

Current Slider Value: 3
Tooltip can always be displayed.

Precision (number of places after the decimal) can be specified.

Setting custom handlers.

Using a custom step interval.

Coloring the low and high track segments.

Note that there is no low track on the single-value slider. The area to lesser than the value of the handle is the selection.

Using tick marks and labels.

Using tick marks at specific positions.

With a logarithmic scale.

Focus the slider handle after a value change.

Accessibility with ARIA labels

Auto-Register data-provide="slider" Elements

Slider-Elements initially hidden

Create an input element wth the data-provide="slider" attribute automatically turns it into a slider. Options can be supplied via data-slider- attributes.

Highlight ranges on slider with rangeHighlights attribute 14

Using tick marks at specific positions..

Rtl mode (auto)

-5 20
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